Star trails project

I noticed that I haven’t done any longer exposure project for long time and specially star trails have been always amazed me so tonight I decided to do it.

I decided to use my Canon 5dmk3 camera for this one because full frame sensor gives me much better low light possibility than my Olympus, even it is also pretty good. Also one reason was that there is no so wide objective as I wanted in this picture. I selected Canon 8-15mm F4 lens for this one and wanted to use 8mm to go wide as possible. 🙂

So first I made some test shots with different exposure times using ISO 100 and F8. From those I selected that about 7 minutes would be good exposure time.

Here is the picture.


Then I just decided to go one minute more and made 9 pictures, each 8 minutes exposure. I went those thru in Lightroom and then loaded them into Photoshop as separate layers. Then using layer mode Lighten I finally saw the final image.