Star trails project

I noticed that I haven’t done any longer exposure project for long time and specially star trails have been always amazed me so tonight I decided to do it.

I decided to use my Canon 5dmk3 camera for this one because full frame sensor gives me much better low light possibility than my Olympus, even it is also pretty good. Also one reason was that there is no so wide objective as I wanted in this picture. I selected Canon 8-15mm F4 lens for this one and wanted to use 8mm to go wide as possible. πŸ™‚

So first I made some test shots with different exposure times using ISO 100 and F8. From those I selected that about 7 minutes would be good exposure time.

Here is the picture.


Then I just decided to go one minute more and made 9 pictures, each 8 minutes exposure. I went those thru in Lightroom and then loaded them into Photoshop as separate layers. Then using layer mode Lighten I finally saw the final image.


Travelling in Honduras

I finally managed to get some post from Honduras. πŸ™‚

Here are some pictures during the trip
Pictures during the trip

First I have to say that Honduras is not so cheap as many would expect. Of course I was most of my time at Utila and Roatan islands that are more just for tourists, and that is also shown in the prize as well. Most of places that we were we heard that somebody have get robbed so for safety the country is not so good. We didn’t get robbed luckily but there were times that I had to leave my cameras at hotel to get walk little more relaxed.

Our flights were first into San Pedro Sula and after 24 hours in 3 different airplanes we just wanted to go directly into La Ceiba because from there the ferry leaves. You can go with the ferry into Utila or Roatan. Utila is very small island comparing to Roatan and Roatan is much more commercial tourist place as well. First we went into Utila. We spend little over week at Utila and then met one retired Canadian that had sailplane. We got trip into Roatan with some money from him. There is also more commercial catamaran sailing as we did have reservation already with that. Still we wanted more experience and it really was great trip. And also when I informed the captain of the catamaran that we will cancel, he was really pissed of. I’m just glad that we didn’t took it.

We spend rest of the time at Roatan. First we went to Fantasy island, which is very expensive luxyry island. There was two hotels at that time, both were very expensive. I think ours was called Fantasy island Resort. They had own dive resort as well and you could buy room with dives included. Well we spended only one day there. It was quite expensive. From there we took taxi into west end, a place that is located at the other side of the island. There we spended cheap but cosy hotel, it was called Dolphin hotel.

Few words from diving at Utila and Roatan. First some pictures again. πŸ™‚

Pictures from underwater

I have to say, I was bit disappointment from the amount of animals and diversity at the underwater live. I made 15 dives, 12 at Utila and 3 at Roatan and it really wasn’t so amazing. I’t was nice but you can get much better divesite in Thailand or Egypt. The diving at Roatan is quite relaxed. The dive sites are so close to shore that you can just go diving for couple of hours and come back. In Utila the morning dive is in the other side of the island if the weather is good. and the other is more close, but this means that when you go to diving you spend all morning there. And you can also dive third dive at afteroon. So from current experience the Roatan is really better place to dive, although Utila is getting better.