Adobe Contribute CS4

I downloaded today test version of Contribute CS4 and as you can edit the context with this. I decided to make an new blog entry.

This is bit similar than this Windows Live Writer but commercial and much more complex. You can basically do everything and more comparing to live writer.

This has of course all other Adobe programs integration as well, Fireworks, Photoshop, and of course Dreamweaver. But I need to use them more. And my intention of this blog is not to tell how to use them, as more get little inside of person that haven use this before and how easy is to take it in to use.

I have to admit that start using this was very easy, almost too easy. In web site you just write your web page URL and FTP URL and account and password, that’s it. the program made everything else.

In Blog it was even easier, I just selected that I have a blogger blog and gave account and password. Then the program just contacted the site and soon I had full functionality of start blogging.

Lets put one image that tells you more, ok, as I tried to post this  got this.

The blog entry that you want to publish contains links to local files or includes images, enclosures, or media files that aren’t supported by your blog server. Please remove these items and try publishing again.

I will add that picture later. I’s interesting that writer added all pictures directly and Contribute didn’t.

Update, here is the picture added with live writer


Picture album selection seems to be missing, but in live writer that works with live account so it’s a bit different because Contribute is a independent program without accounts.

This program actually makes possible to make your blog entry in offline and post it when you get online. I have to test this but sound like great feature. The spell checking seems to be working as well in live writer.

The price is of course always an issue, this program cost about 200 euros. So comparing to live writer (which is free) is bit high, but of course you can’t compare them directly, as the writer is only intended to writing blogs and Contribute is heavy web site information handling. So I would say that it’s worth money, and at least worth checking it out, and trying it.

Microsoft Windows Live Writer

I installed a new program today. this small program makes possibility to update your blog in Word like editor and I’m posting this text using it.

In first start it will ask blog information and accounts and passwords. After this you are ready to start writing text. So far I’m not be able to change the default language of spell checking.

Lets also try to add picture from it. First I will take a screenshot, and with little cropping help of Paint I will get this result.


And so far it seems to be working. So I will post this and find out what happened 🙂

Update: It really works 🙂

It even remained open while posting it. There is a history that tells previous posted posts.

Hmm, I also find the preferences where you can change the default language.

I also find out the tags, and it uses Technocrat services? No idea. I have to Google it. And of course it still thinked that I’m writing in Finnish.

Technorati: ,,

But Amazing here is that you can easily add maps from bing.

Kartan kuva

Here is and example of what kind of photo album it makes.

You can easily add also tables, and videos.

Great tool, and even free 🙂

Suunto Elementum Aqua Review

I got Suunto Elementum Aqua to test from Suunto in 18 of June and have been testing it since then.  I promised to make a review of it and here it goes.

People that are interested of what it is, here is a link for Suunto homepage.

Well what could I say, it’ s good looking watch and of course. You can use it in daily work easily and even can be proud of wearing it, but you must remember that this is not an dive computer. This is basically good looking watch that you can use also in diving.

So lets do a little comparison. There is little similar products in Suunto also. D4, D6 and D9 are fully functional dive computers, so why you would buy this one. The price, in Finland the price is 625 € so it is quite cheap for luxury watch.

In the watch there are two buttons, the other one is one you can turn in both directions like scrolling logs. The dive mode turns automatically in deeper than 1.2 meters. The watch logs automatically dive time, depth, temperature  date  and time . Though at the temperature does not save into logs, you can only see that during the dive.

The user interface is very easy, when taking it from the box, you just press one button and it starts.  After setting the time and date the clock is fully functional. Setting the time and date is very easy because of this scrolling button. One of the coolest feature it has keylock, when pressing both buttons the keylock is enabled and disabled.

I got this watch right before I went to traveling into Romania.  I haven’t used wristwatch for a while so it needed some learning again, but as soon as I get used it again, I started thinking of how easy is to look the time from watch either than watching it from mobile phone.

The first problem occurred at my flight to back Finland. The watch thought I was diving in airplane when it started landing. I noticed that the problem was that I held my arms crossed and my arm was on top of the sensor. The sensor works that way that when it got moisture on top, the clock makes decision that it is in the water. Well of course this is quite minor problem, but also sure that there could be someway to go around this problem.

After spending some time in Romania I also noticed that the time isn’t that accurate, after couple weeks the clock was delayed about one minute or so. I hope they fix this.

Then the third problem was I didn’t figure out what the clock was showing after one dive. I went about 16 meters and as my way home I noticed that the clock was showing 1.3 meters and counting hours. I didn’t know what it was and I didn’t would out from the book that came with the clock. I had to look several times before I found out that there is full manual in Internet. In that manual I found out that it was actually surface time that the clock was counting and the limit when dive starts is 1.2 meters so it means that after my main dive, I probably putted that clock in that 1.3 meters and the surface time started from that. I have heard some Suunto dive computers to do that the dive newer ends. Of course I thought it was that the case. Well good that it wasn’t so but I would say that the diving mode in at least some detail should be in the manual that comes with the clock. I hope they will fix this as well.


After using it for a month now, I still consider it to be most suitable watch for me at least, it’s black and cool and of course you can dive with it and it’s good secondary dive watch, as my main dive computer is Suunto Vyper currently. So if my main computer breaks or battery run out, I still have my watch where I know max depth and diving time. I don’t know what would then happen if my main dive computer would be like D9 or D6, would I use this still….


Update 7 October

Well, I have been diving with this now several times, and I have to admit although it’s not diving computer. It really is good watch and strong. My cat have been dropping it from table, I have been stepping over it, and it just continues working. There is still none scratch in the glass. Some small scratch it has in metal but otherwise not. So if thinking of watch for my, this starts to be really realistic and I would consider of buying one.

Traveling in Romania

I had my first summer holiday in this year, though it was only for a week, but I went traveling into Romania.

I visited Brasov and Bucharest cities, yeah, one week is quite short time, but still I had a great time there. In Brasov I had one that I knew from Internet and we agreed to see each other. This person turned very good friend of mine, and hopefully we will see each other again.

But to the subject. It’s interesting when people don’t seem to see Romania as good place to travel. I would say that the change of being robbed is pretty much as big as many other places. Big cities are of course the most easiest places to get robbed. For myself, I didn’t got that insecure feeling during my trip, but I did hear one photographer got her subclasses stolen in small village. I understood that it was gypsies village. I also got warned many times from those gypsies that can stole easily my camera and other things also. Well, of course is person is poor then it may easily be the easiest way to earn some money. The culture of gypsies is quite interesting and many Romanian seem to  hate the imago the do for other native people. Well, I have to admit that even my parents called and SMS to me just to find have me get robbed already. So at least the imago is quite bad shape at currently.

Still I found that Romanian people are mostly friendly and try to help as much they can, of course some older people still don’t speak English and  those younger people that can speak, are little afraid of using the English language. This is a bit same in Finland also and about 10 years or so it was basically the same.

So what there is for photographer, well a lot. I only spend there for a week and I feel I just scratched the surface. In Brasov there are many old buildings, nature, mountains, fountains, forest, waterfalls and not mention the people. Romanian people are much closer than Finnish people, but of course all know that Finnish people are very distant and quiet.


Brasov is a small city between the mountains, there is a lot of old buildings and culture. I went there first because I knew there one person and I wanted to meet her. I managed to contact her at the evening. We started walking there daily and started to know each other better. At the first day we went to center. There is this nice street just in the center what is full of shops and cafeterias.

In the center there is at least one relative big park where I saw at least two couples and families taking wedding portraits, so it seems to be quite popular place to get married. There are some beautiful  flowers everywhere.

I would still say that the most thing I remember from Romania is that how peaceful and beautiful city it is.


What to say from Bucharest, well not much. It is relative big city among others. Some things still managed to find from there even I was only very short time there. At least there was quite many parks that balances the other traffic and noisy city environment.

I think I will visit in Romania again and look for other things in Bucharest also, I think the city has its potential and probably there is lot more to see also, but for time being most from this trip I’m remembering Brasov.  Big thanks to this is of my new friend Denisa, I hope to see you soon again.

Here is pictures in Nokia Ovi where I uploaded several pictures taken with my mobile phone.

Mobile Phone Pictures(Nokia N82)

Embedding Nokia Ovi Albums to your website

I finally got time to test new Nokia Ovi album embedding and I think it’s quite nice feature for showing pictures to your friends. As a photographer and programmer I could not start thinking of where this live is going. More and more mobile phones include GPS receiver and coordinates are saved into pictures automatically. There are these feature in SLR also but at least I haven’t seen’t any decent way to do it, well I have used only Canon and Nikon SLR so there probably is already some models in market.

Anyway there are currently four ways to show pictures from OVI in own site. But the most coolest thing in here is wherever I go in this world I can always add pictures to these galleries from mobile phone and after adding the picture in one of these albums it will show those pictures in this blog. There are usually some problems also, like you see in here, background is white and my blog background is black, it just don’t look so nice.

First is this Horizantally Moving pictures. In this album there is some pictures from Egypt that I took with mobile phone.

It’s very nice for example bottom of the page, little similar to Adobe Lightroom filmstrip.

Second way is to show your pictures traditionally as Photo grid. One interesting thing in here is that I also added video for that and it really works. Here are some pictures from event here in Finland, it was located in Kaarina city and called "700 Rock".

Third ways is just Slideshow, which is also very traditional way. Here are some misc pictures from finland.

But I think the last ways as FishBowl is the most coolest way to show your pics. These pictures are taken from Thailand.