New mailing list for blog post

New mailing list for blog posts 🙂

I made this mailing list just for testing, it’s using mailchimp and you can exclude yourself at any time.

Basically you will get email always when I post something. Let me know if there is a problem.

Testing b-grip HS

Testing b-grip HS

Picture of b-grip HS

Please keep in ming that this test is only what I think and houd out during my testing, if you have a change please test it and value it by yourself.

Also keep in mind that HS is an accessory for b-grip belt camera holder that is separate and I didn’t get that for testing.

I got b-grip HS testing from Studiovarustamo just before my trip to Ireland as they asked for testers in their FB page:

Sinä tuotetestaajaksi?Tämmösiä varusteita tuli meille testiin ja olisimme mielellämme kuulleet sinun mielipiteesi…

Posted by Studiovarustamo on 10. maaliskuuta 2015

So I asked if I could test them and they contacted me that I could. I got it just in time to play around it for a while before I headed into airport.

I  decided to test it with my Olympus OM-D E-M1 camera because that was the camera I would been traveling. Normally I use it with camera grip and I noticed that it will not be working so well with it as it’s very difficult to press and control the camera in vertical way.

So I decided to leave the battery grip away and in the end it was a good thing as my back got lighter and less stuff to worry about.

I did small changes to it during my trip as it did not fitted guite well to my hand at the start. I just changed the top connection different way so the handle gets more closer and also for me it feeled much more better.

b-grip HS connectionb-grip HS connection better

So in the end it looked like this.

b-grip HS with olympus

So how was it?

It was great to have. There are still some things that I would hope it to handle better but it still helped a lot and I may have not get some of the pictures that I took my trip like this one.

If I would use traditional way just tighten the strap in my arm, it will not prevent the camera dropping out even the strap you still save your camera. HS helps you to keep your camera connected to your hand always and it feels much saver also.

Negative things:

Real question is actually that why b-grip didn’t design it to be general, instead it designed to be used only with their own belt camera holder. I had to change my connection screw to longer from the bottom plate as  the rubber is so thick.

b-grip HS with base plate

Also they advertise it as to be used with mirrorless cameras but the bottom plate is so wide that it actually works much better way with my Canon 5Dmk3 than with my Olympus.

b-grip HS with olympus


So like I said, I do like it, there is some design problems that could have been handled better way and I would say that there are better grip options even I haven’t tested them but is you are going to buy their belt holder I would say that this is very good option to add into shopping basket as well.

Traveling in Japan

I finally got into land of rising sun and was traveling there for two weeks.

statue from firoshima
Statue from Hiroshima

Here you can find the pictures that I took during my two weeks.


In overall Japan was very nice place for travelling, specially when you had Train Pass that gives you unlimited travel during chosen period. I had this pass for 14 days and I have to say that it’s worth of every euro. Totally I traveled something like 2500 kilometers during my stay.

I started in Osake where my flights went. I had in plane change in Istanbul that made my total flight time about 18 hours. I know there is also direct flights but they are way more expensive that these. After Osaka I went to Kyoto, Tokio, Sendai, Hiroshima, Himeji and visited Kobe and Okayama for a day.

I have to admit taking my Canon 5dmk3 and several lenses are very tiring(heavy), specially when I was sick in some stomach flu  after the flights to Osaka. I’m pretty sure that I got it from airplane but there is no way to be sure. For that reason I didn’t get so many pictures from Osaka.

For those who are wondering to go there I have to say it’s pretty safe place. Of course anything can happen but at least for me luckily nothing bigger happened. Not so many people still don’t speak English there, some do but there is also several ones that don’t at all. Still Japanese people were very helpful and I did managed to solve all the problems and questions pretty easily.

Snake River Prototyping releasing underwater rig for GoPro Hero HD

This was interesting. Snake River Prototyping release rig to underwater filming. The tray is machined aluminum and it has several connection points.

There are in the market other also. Some of them have lights like Sartek, Noctural lights, Tecdiving

I made post from Snake River Prototyping flat lens fix, although there are now similar ones like Backscatter, the snake river is still the one of the most interesting ones. I currently own two snake river flat ports and have been very happy with them. Actually I participated to the Eilat Red Sea Underwater competition only using GoPro cameras. Well, I did not won anything, I was still very happy to the quality of the pictures that I got from there. In all those pictures I used Snake River Prototyping BlurFix flat port with attached SWCY or CY filters. The color filters makes big difference in underwater because otherwise the it will easily clip the red from the video material totally and no post prosessing will get that back.

What I find interesting in the the tray as the called is there are so many possibilities to attach the camera. The only worry I have is that as the camera is attached front of the handles is similar as you would hold the camera with stick, even with both hands. I hope that I will have a change to test it. I would like to make some comparison then between the rigs that I have and theirs. For travellers like me this will be at least very interesting because of the simple design and as it very light(1.7 lbs/0.8kg) and that is including the camera.

The introductory price is 129.99 $, and it seems that the final price will be 150$

Here is their example video using the tray and some color filters


Information from the tray

Traveling in Athens, Greece

My Athens trip turned out very nicely, although I do feel bit sad of economic situation of Greece. So I do feel that There is something that I can do. For my it was no nice to see good people struggling on several jobs just to get so income. Special thanks goes to  Aqua Divers Club that picked me up from the center of Athens and took me to their dive center just to make two dive and I was the only customer diving. The dive center is located about 35km from center of Athens. We ended up misunderstanding of the second day scuba diving and I missed the underwater car cemetery, but then again that day was raining all day so somehow I don’t think missing so much. Also special thanks to Virve who lives currently there and showed me the city.

Scuba diving was actually very nice in the Greece. The equipment’s were very good shape and the water was clear. Although there are not so much live in the sea as like red sea has but at least comparing to Finland, well almost everything is better Smile There are parts of my video from it. They are filmed with GoPro HD heroes, I’m starting to love these small cameras.

In the city there are lot of cultural activities but somehow I didn’t end up watching those, because somehow I have learn that where ever I go. I’m more interested of the people and what they do. Athens is a big city, people are very busy. Day to day jumping from bus to metro is not for me in long term but for a while it’s ok.

Nowadays it seems that where ever I go, I end up shooting pictures and video. They are different way of expressing oneself and don’t exclude each other.

You can find my portfolio from Athens here.

And what comes to video, It’s filmed mostly with GoPro cameras, but there are used Canon 5Dmk2 with Canon 100/2.8L Is macro as well. You just can’t do all with GoPro cameras. Smile


My First mobile phone video(Nokia N8)

I was visiting at my friends at Brasov, Romania and decided to make my first video only using my mobile phone. The phone is Nokia N8. The lightness of the phone made it difficult to make stabilized video even I had my manfrotto travel steady cam with me. The time lapses was still successful for my opinion.

Programs I used

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS5(Main Editor)
  • Adobe After Effects CS5(for stabilization of some footage)
  • Adobe Lightroom 3.3(Data manage and Timelapses)
  • Neat Video Plugin(for reduce noise)

Edit: I forgot to tell how to Interpret the footage before adding to timeline. So basically you need to interpret the footage if your framerate is showing like 500 frames per second. So select all video clips and select modify-> interpret footage and write frame rate to 25 frames per second in Europe at least. In US you might need to use 30 frames per second.

I had my GoPro attachments that I used to attach my mobile phone to tripods, suction cup and steady cam. The program I used in the phone for time lapses was FastMotion that I bought from OVI store.

My Mobile phone custom Rig


Tripod attachement


Tripod in use


Suction cup(GoPro)


Suction Cup in Use

Travelling in Sydney

I was traveling in Australia and New Zealand for a month, taking pictures and shooting 3D videos with my rig. This started my project to get one short film from every city I visited. This is the video I made in Sydney.

After the airplane, next scenes are filmed in Hyde Park and in there I met Michael from Germany. He is the bicyclist that told me that where ever he goes, bike comes with him. 🙂

After Hyde Park the next scene are from shopping mall and another park following scenes.

Just next to Sydney Opera house there was these music artist with didgeridoo. I really liked his music, bough one CD and filmed him a bit. I also got permission to use his music in my video.

After that scene there is the strange person that I don’t know what he was doing, but as far as I understand he tried to earn some money to start some kind of religion. He had lost his foots in somehow.

The beach is Bondi beach.

In the end Sydney was kind of nice place for as a metropolis.