New mailing list for blog post

New mailing list for blog posts 🙂

I made this mailing list just for testing, it’s using mailchimp and you can exclude yourself at any time.

Basically you will get email always when I post something. Let me know if there is a problem.

Adobe Contribute CS4

I downloaded today test version of Contribute CS4 and as you can edit the context with this. I decided to make an new blog entry.

This is bit similar than this Windows Live Writer but commercial and much more complex. You can basically do everything and more comparing to live writer.

This has of course all other Adobe programs integration as well, Fireworks, Photoshop, and of course Dreamweaver. But I need to use them more. And my intention of this blog is not to tell how to use them, as more get little inside of person that haven use this before and how easy is to take it in to use.

I have to admit that start using this was very easy, almost too easy. In web site you just write your web page URL and FTP URL and account and password, that’s it. the program made everything else.

In Blog it was even easier, I just selected that I have a blogger blog and gave account and password. Then the program just contacted the site and soon I had full functionality of start blogging.

Lets put one image that tells you more, ok, as I tried to post this  got this.

The blog entry that you want to publish contains links to local files or includes images, enclosures, or media files that aren’t supported by your blog server. Please remove these items and try publishing again.

I will add that picture later. I’s interesting that writer added all pictures directly and Contribute didn’t.

Update, here is the picture added with live writer


Picture album selection seems to be missing, but in live writer that works with live account so it’s a bit different because Contribute is a independent program without accounts.

This program actually makes possible to make your blog entry in offline and post it when you get online. I have to test this but sound like great feature. The spell checking seems to be working as well in live writer.

The price is of course always an issue, this program cost about 200 euros. So comparing to live writer (which is free) is bit high, but of course you can’t compare them directly, as the writer is only intended to writing blogs and Contribute is heavy web site information handling. So I would say that it’s worth money, and at least worth checking it out, and trying it.

Microsoft Windows Live Writer

I installed a new program today. this small program makes possibility to update your blog in Word like editor and I’m posting this text using it.

In first start it will ask blog information and accounts and passwords. After this you are ready to start writing text. So far I’m not be able to change the default language of spell checking.

Lets also try to add picture from it. First I will take a screenshot, and with little cropping help of Paint I will get this result.


And so far it seems to be working. So I will post this and find out what happened 🙂

Update: It really works 🙂

It even remained open while posting it. There is a history that tells previous posted posts.

Hmm, I also find the preferences where you can change the default language.

I also find out the tags, and it uses Technocrat services? No idea. I have to Google it. And of course it still thinked that I’m writing in Finnish.

Technorati: ,,

But Amazing here is that you can easily add maps from bing.

Kartan kuva

Here is and example of what kind of photo album it makes.

You can easily add also tables, and videos.

Great tool, and even free 🙂